Service Policy

Whether it’s a government building, cultural, educational, or research facility, welfare or medical center, commercial space, office, production facility, or residential property, the essence of architecture is to be a “vessel.” It should protect and nurture the lives, cultures, and businesses within it. At Sato Kogyo, we always consider the attention to detail and overall consideration necessary to ensure that each building can be used in the best possible condition for a long time.

Service Flow

Project Planning Support

  • (1) For clients who have decided to expand into Thailand, we provide consistent support from site selection to environmental and soil investigation. In optimal site selection, we analyze logistics, accessibility, local regulations, and land prices in detail. Based on this series of information, we select the land that best suits your business. We also conduct soil investigations and decide on the direction of the foundation design for the building. If ground improvement is necessary, we propose the most suitable ground improvement method from a professional perspective and support risk management to protect your business from natural disasters.
  • (2) We plan and design buildings according to the client’s needs. With a deep understanding of the budget, nature of the work, and target schedule, we provide the most efficient and effective plan. In addition, we consider designs that can respond to the future expansion and changes in the business, supporting the growth of the client’s business. Using the latest 3D, CG, and aerial views, we visualize the expected completion diagram and explain the whole project to the client in an easy-to-understand manner.

Design and Permit Application Support

  • (1) We provide detailed designs in accordance with Thai domestic law. We pay close attention to compliance with local building standards, environmental regulations, and earthquake countermeasures from the design stage to avoid problems. This minimizes the risk of legal violations even after the building is completed, allowing you to focus on your business with peace of mind.
  • (2) We also support various permit applications related to building construction. We handle complex procedures on behalf of our clients for applications such as construction permits, public utilities usage permits for water and electricity, and environmental impact assessments. This allows clients to focus on the essential parts of their business without being chased by administrative procedures.

Construction Management

  • (1) A Japanese project manager strictly manages the quality, safety, and schedule of the construction. The project manager, who understands local language, customs, and regulations, ensures quality and safety measures are implemented and deadlines are met. Also, if a problem occurs on site, they quickly take care of it and provide measures to keep the project running smoothly.
  • (2) We promptly respond to change needs from customers during construction. If a change request is made, we clearly explain how it affects the progress, budget, and quality of the project. Then, we propose the best solutions and provide enough information for the customer to make decisions.

Building Maintenance & Support

  • (1) To support the long-term use of buildings, we carry out regular maintenance and inspections properly. By identifying and repairing faults at an early stage, we extend the life of the building and save long-term costs.
  • (2) We propose renewals, efficiency improvements, and improvement measures to maintain and increase the asset value of buildings. We also propose improvements to maximize the performance of the building and reduce environmental burden. Through these supports, the building becomes not just a facility but a valuable asset that supports your business.

Asset Optimization and Lifecycle Cost Measures

  • (1) We provide comprehensive support for renovations and major repairs. By evaluating the current status of your facilities and understanding business requirements, we propose the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for improvement. Whether upgrades to the latest standards are required or damage needs to be repaired, our team guarantees a smooth and seamless process.
  • (2) We provide measures for Lifecycle Costs (LCC), helping you to understand and manage the total costs over the entire lifecycle of the property. Considering not only initial construction costs, but also maintenance and operation costs, and eventual demolition costs, you can grasp the comprehensive financial impact of the property. This service allows you to make decisions based on information about maintenance, renovations, and future investments, ultimately achieving better financial planning and asset management.